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Welcome to the Appleheads!

Well i've been putting off buying a new phone for about 5 yrs now and have been out-of-plan for almost as long. I needed to join the modern age and try out this thing called Texting too. So i bought an iPhone. I got the 16 gig 3G. I gotta' say, i'm pretty impressed. The phone is basically an even more portable labtop. There's so many applications that I find myself becoming everything i use to laugh at and make jokes about. All in the name of technology. There are an incredible number of useful apps. And a good number of free ones also. This not just an announcement of sorts but a rally for information. Can anyone who's got one or knows enough about them suggest some apps that they use and have found useful or fun in the very least.
I've already added:

Pandora, Shazam, Fring, TheWeatherChannel, Google Earth, GPSlite, & Urbanspoon. I'm also going to get VNClite, All Countries & iTranlate.

Let me know what you recommend!
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