Brian (born2beskinny) wrote,

Bad things happen in 3's...

First it was Walkers, then Rogers, & finally now my 360 bought it. I turned it on last night to watch some streaming netflix and i here this noise like a jet engine winding up and it just keeps getting louder and louder until i see the left half of the circle turn red. 2, not 3, of the rings went red. So it looks like I'm pretty much screwed. I suppose I'll take the same route as Walker and just pick up a new arcade since they come w/ HDMI now.

More shitty american products? My Wii hasn't had any issues & my PS3, although fairly new hasn't had a problem ...yet. So why is it the 360 just can't stay afloat? Poorly designed? Marketing strategy to sell more systems? It's probably it little of both. Maybe one stems from the other.
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