Brian (born2beskinny) wrote,

Well, WE DID IT!

Denver officially had the largest Race for the Cure in the country. We took the reins back from St. Louis. For those that don't know, Denver and St. Louis are always competing w/ each other for the largest amount of Race Registrations. Those registrations include 'Sleep in for the Cure' and 'Workout for the Cure'. As of 2pm today Denver had 64,084 and St. Louis (whose race ended about a month ago) had 63,998.

I know this doesn't mean much but it's a big achievement for people like myself that volunteer every year. It's good to see so many people supporting it and so many companies getting involved w/ it.

Thanks to all who helped and help support Susan G. Komen, Breast Cancer Research and/or Volunteer for charities in your communities. Here's to 9 more years of volunteering and sharing a little piece of such a great feeling w/ 60k+ people again.
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