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  • Music: was bound to happen. It's happened to all my friends already.

My 360 finally RROD'd. I had a funny feeling it would eventually. I just hoped it would be w/in the 3 yr grace period. I've only had it since January 07 so i got a good year-and-half out of it. I made the call and got a box sent out for shipping and they didn't seem to have any problem w/ me on the help line so that's one hurdle jumped. I'm hoping everything else goes as smooth. Who knows, this may turn out to be a positive thing. I might get a system back w/ an HDMI port on the back. I just hope they've got the whole HD talking to core system thing solved so i don't get the next system back and find i'm unable to access any of my old games/saves/etc...

Any pointers or suggests are much welcomed at this point since i'm new to the so-called 'Club'.
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