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Well i've been putting off buying a new phone for about 5 yrs now and have been out-of-plan for almost as long. I needed to join the modern age and try out this thing called Texting too. So i bought an iPhone. I got the 16 gig 3G. I gotta' say, i'm pretty impressed. The phone is basically an even more portable labtop. There's so many applications that I find myself becoming everything i use to laugh at and make jokes about. All in the name of technology. There are an incredible number of useful apps. And a good number of free ones also. This not just an announcement of sorts but a rally for information. Can anyone who's got one or knows enough about them suggest some apps that they use and have found useful or fun in the very least.
I've already added:

Pandora, Shazam, Fring, TheWeatherChannel, Google Earth, GPSlite, & Urbanspoon. I'm also going to get VNClite, All Countries & iTranlate.

Let me know what you recommend!
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Border Break

This is Sega's attempt at a Virtual On meets Halo game. I really hope it get ported over here after it get consolised. It's running on a new Arcade Hardware setup from Sega called RingEdge.
Below is the promo and an in-game demo:


Bad things happen in 3's...

First it was Walkers, then Rogers, & finally now my 360 bought it. I turned it on last night to watch some streaming netflix and i here this noise like a jet engine winding up and it just keeps getting louder and louder until i see the left half of the circle turn red. 2, not 3, of the rings went red. So it looks like I'm pretty much screwed. I suppose I'll take the same route as Walker and just pick up a new arcade since they come w/ HDMI now.

More shitty american products? My Wii hasn't had any issues & my PS3, although fairly new hasn't had a problem ...yet. So why is it the 360 just can't stay afloat? Poorly designed? Marketing strategy to sell more systems? It's probably it little of both. Maybe one stems from the other.

Deals of the week!

Bestbuy has some 360 games as cheap as $9.99. I picked up both Ninja Gaiden 2 and Turok. I also was able to get the Ace Combat 6 flight stick pack for $99, about $30 below normal retail. They have some other great deals in there weekly ad.

Well, WE DID IT!

Denver officially had the largest Race for the Cure in the country. We took the reins back from St. Louis. For those that don't know, Denver and St. Louis are always competing w/ each other for the largest amount of Race Registrations. Those registrations include 'Sleep in for the Cure' and 'Workout for the Cure'. As of 2pm today Denver had 64,084 and St. Louis (whose race ended about a month ago) had 63,998.

I know this doesn't mean much but it's a big achievement for people like myself that volunteer every year. It's good to see so many people supporting it and so many companies getting involved w/ it.

Thanks to all who helped and help support Susan G. Komen, Breast Cancer Research and/or Volunteer for charities in your communities. Here's to 9 more years of volunteering and sharing a little piece of such a great feeling w/ 60k+ people again.

Well....no more inventories :D

...of course that's probably the biggest plus out of this whole situation.

I was let go today from my wonderful job at Whole Foods. I had been struggling w/ the new regime since they came in and took over Wild Oats. I wasn't the 1st one and probably won't be the last.

I have to say that it was somewhat of a relief. It didn't bother me like i had imagined it would. I had struggled w/ multiple problems w/in the dept and facilitating structure and never really received the guidance i felt i needed to do the job proficiently. This is just my pov and should be taken w/ a grain of salt. I'm sure if you asked my boss he would of said something quite different...but in a very nice way.

For some reason i new this was coming and somewhat expected it. I've been at odds w/ what i was doing and trying to do and had been contemplating a occupational change anyhow so i think this was a good omen. I know most people don't feel good about it and i personally have never been fired from any job i've done but everything happens for a reason and i really believe there was a good one this time.

I don't post this in some vein hope of sympathy from my friends. I'm actually throwing this out there for anyone that might know of someplace that's hiring. Whether it be w/in your own company or one you think might fit/suit me, lmk. I'm fairly outgoing, enjoy people/am a people person and would even do call center work at this point. I'm not desperate but I'd like to find something that i enjoy and am not stressed out about when i get home at the end of the day. I could really go for some sort of 9-5 deal somewhere. I've come to realize i really like having the weekends off and i don't think I've ever worked a job that offered that before.
So if i sound like someone you might think fits somewhere, somehow shoot me a call or email or whatever you think might get my attention(<-- sounds like a bad personal ad, lol).
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Well...it was bound to happen. It's happened to all my friends already.

My 360 finally RROD'd. I had a funny feeling it would eventually. I just hoped it would be w/in the 3 yr grace period. I've only had it since January 07 so i got a good year-and-half out of it. I made the call and got a box sent out for shipping and they didn't seem to have any problem w/ me on the help line so that's one hurdle jumped. I'm hoping everything else goes as smooth. Who knows, this may turn out to be a positive thing. I might get a system back w/ an HDMI port on the back. I just hope they've got the whole HD talking to core system thing solved so i don't get the next system back and find i'm unable to access any of my old games/saves/etc...

Any pointers or suggests are much welcomed at this point since i'm new to the so-called 'Club'.
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